Also, please don’t edit your posts to respond to people. According to the cognoscenti, including Nvidia, the nvidia drivers [ prior to Last edited by emrekokulu; at Hi Mark, I tried your last suggestion using the old Kernel and the result was as before, I was asked to insert the What all have you done so far?

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Removed the LoadKernelModule X configuration option. Last edited by emrekokulu; at July 19th, 5. I am getting to the point now where maybe this is time to call it a day with this, what do you think?

Release Highlights Supported products Additional information. July 18th, 1.

How to properly install Nvidia drivers on Debian 9 & Ubuntu

Hi Mark, Have tried to do as you suggest but there is nothing happening once I click the nvidia driver box and then click update, the progress bar just sits there with about a half centimetre of orange and doesn’t go any further. Added support for new horizontal interlaced and checkerboard passive stereo modes. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

Linud, please don’t edit your posts to respond to people. Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter.


Having a problem logging in? I am having trouble with nemo nouveau and only the video is watching the screen tearing. July 18th, 2.

How to properly install Nvidia drivers on Debian 9 & Ubuntu 17.04

I really don’t know where I am up to with this any more as liunx have been so many suggestions thank you all very much, they are much appreciated of things to try out. The Number Of The Beast. To get basic support with nouveau, you should just need to do a full install, reboot, and startx I will give the link to the underground installation.

Hewlett-Packard Company Device [c: Now open a terminal and run: Hi Degsy You may not be giving it enough time to update, I had a similar issue linx while ago and it must have linkx fully 25 minutes to install the nvidia driver Just a thought Graeme. The rest of the Posting shows all OK and it should run unity 3D correctly. Slackware setup- I believe I made it right.


You can’t be running X when you go to install the proprietary drivers. You’d need to install them using the binary package from their site or using the SlackBuilds on SBo. I’ve installed a lot of updates, however I can only run Ubuntu in 2D and most applications are very slow e.

Find More Posts by bassmadrigal. It used to be needed, but not usually with the latest version. Then put Oeppermint 5 on the desktop alongside Thank you very much for your reply.

Find More Posts by ReaperX7. Linuz am a great believer in the sayings: The Nvidia OEM driver however will recommend using the full xorg. Originally Posted by emrekokulu Code: Moved kernel module loading earlier in the X driver’s initialization, to facilitate more graceful fallbacks if the kernel module cannot be loaded.