The residual map revealed clearer the undistorted signatures of the area geology and the interpretive boundaries of the underlying geology. The need for the development of new drugs for malaria led to our study of the antiplasmodial activity of the oil from the seeds of Pentaclethramacrophylla. However, the model should be tested further using higher frequency band such as Ka and V bands to confirm the accuracy of the model. Precisely this project aims at the application of high spatial resolution satellite data LANDAT 7 for assessing soil properties which include soil pH, soil texture and soil drainage. GC-MS analysis of the partitioned petroleum ether and chloroform fractions of the oil revealed the presence of 9-Octadecenoic acid, 9,Octadecadienoic acid and their methyl esters,cisHexadecenal among the many components of the oil extract.

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Conversion of visible light into electricity was accomplished with natural dyes and ZnO-based DSSCs, resulting in excellent photo-electric properties compared to those in literature.

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For the two methods, traverses 1 to 3 were taken in North-South azimuth which covered distance m while traverses 4 to 7 were acquired along East-West azimuth which covered e8870 m. A total number of 80 sample size was used for the study; Random sampling technique. The adsorption capacity of the adsorbents was evaluated using a cylindrical glass column and was found to be in the order of zeolite CBV From the results of the analysis of data, conclusion were made and it is recommended that the planning of aphi materials should be effectively done to avoid delays in construction works caused by untimely ordering and delivery of materials to sites.

It is however recommended that activities that are capable of enhancing the radiological content of the River be avoided within the area. The aapti depth analysis result showed that the shallow and deeper magnetic sources have an average depth estimate of 20 m and 3.


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Abstract High resolution aeromagnetic data that covers Igbeti-Moro area, within southwestern Nigeria, has been subjected to data enhancement processes and interpreted to establish significant geologic features associated with occurrence of marble, gabbro and muscovite mineralization in the area. This research involves the subsurface geological characterization for groundwater potential assessment within the campus of the Polytechnic of Ibadan, southwestern Nigeria.

Significantly, these observations from this study will provide the basis for the background concentrations and potential risks of some important heavy metals of environmental concern. Mapping of the configuration of bedrock is paramount in civil engineering and hydrogeological settings. Its versatility and environmental friendliness has made it one of the most promising renewable sources of energy.

Abstract Aeromagnetic and radiometric data of Ikole Sheet were interpreted for structural mapping, rock characterization and radionuclides hazard indices assessment. Depth to magnetic sources from power spectrum analysis local field ranged from 5 to 62 m.

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Power spectrum api analytical signal filtering techniques were used for the ground magnetic interpretation. Viscosity is a vital physical property that plays a major role in the petroleum industry, the production processing and transportation of oil aptk to influence on the flow through porous rock, oil wells, multiphase flow through tubing and piping system. There is need to have adequate information on the level of radiation that is available around us in order to take adequate measures for protection.

This research presents the synthesis of alumina-supported chicken eggshell for the transesterification of waste cooking oil. The complete work was designed, simulated and routed with proteus and after the design, construction and testing, the device programmable scrolling matrix display was ascertained to be working satisfactorily.

This low protective capacity denote the high vulnerability of the aquifer system to the influx of surface-based contaminants. This experiment seeks to explore the latter with a keen interest on the IPCE and efficiency of beetroot dye-sensitized solar cells DSCs.

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Abstract Temperature and humidity are the most significant weather parameters in human development. VLF-EM results revealed Type-1 fracture along traverse 1, traverses 2 to 4 showed no fracture but a e780 competent bedrock. View abstract View article PDF. A market survey was carried out to determine the willingness of citizens who possess buying power, to purchase this product. However, the model should be tested further using higher frequency band such as Ka and V bands to confirm the accuracy of the model.

The geologic features observed in the study area have been established to be associated with the spti minerals that can be of social-economic benefit.

Abstract Mapping of the configuration e70 bedrock is paramount in civil engineering and hydrogeological settings. The measuring device obtains temperature and humidity data by using DHT22 sensor. APTI for all plant species ranged from 3. Over time, scientists have studied the potential of peptides as nutraceuticals by measuring their bio functionalities. Most of the rural agricultural and extension officers have no access to the daily variations in meteorological data that affect the growth and yield of crops.

It can therefore be concluded that with ANN model, it is possible to predict T of aquifer in the study area where geoelectric data such as TR is known and T values unknown. Cloud attenuation e70 for a station involve obtaining clouds parametric system equation from their numerical representations, taking into consideration the climatic initial and boundary conditions.

Geophysical investigation has been found relevant in probing the subsurface for the purpose of deducing its characteristics apto any engineering construction activities would commence because of its non-invasiveness.