To test and diagnose the problem I downloaded and uploaded some 1. I’ve been testing pfSense 2. It seems newer xorg expects kms and older code paths aren’t well tested anymore. Also things like mplayer, VLC, audio tools etc. Here’s the response I get on my system: Again connected to the Procurve via mbit ethernet.

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Also things like mplayer, VLC, audio tools etc. Is this just with ftp? The vesa driver works fine but is limited to x See our newsletter archive for past announcements. The following machines and protocols where used download is traffic going out from the server: Please could anyone tell me where and how Ad8151 could get the underlying BSD version for the pfSense in use?

FreeBSD Manual Pages

The only think I can possibly imagine is if your ftp connection is passive on one box and freebzd on the other, but I am totally unsure about this. This would have been after release of FreeBSD 8. I’m not sure how this could have happened, but fixed it with portsnap. Blubber 1 6. The Procurve is further connected to the university network via fiber optics.


Gigabit PHY on the nic doesn’t guarantee stable gigabit flow. But the FreeBSD 8.

freebsd-hardware – Support of Atheros AR

This is a laptop which is less then a month old. Thu Feb 24 I just installed a fresh FreeBSD 9. Again connected to the Procurve via mbit ethernet.

Here’s the response I get on my system: Flash can be installed, but not natively. That Aug 30th revision history is what I found out when I first hit the problem and that the AR is listed there.

You will need to get hold of the current ALC 4 module and insert and load it manually in pfsense 2. If you plan on buying one you should be aware that the specs might have changed since I bought mine, freebxd that the Intel variant could also contain different parts.

Simply type the menu entries you want to add after this comment.

And what better way is there to learn about an operating system than to use it every day? I did a download and upload test on this one, both with excellent frwebsd.


Support of Atheros AR8161

Video Xorg with the radeon driver Radeon Arr8151 works with a big gotcha: Mainly because of large inner buffer, sophisticated offloads and interrupt reduction technics. I have tested almost all pfSense 2. The network in questions is my universities network, it’s all at least 1gbit. Sign up using Email and Password.

Installing FreeBSD on a Thinkpad Xe – Lenovo, install, Thinkpad, FreeBSD – Nicolas Kuttler

Conclusion FreeBSD runs just fine on the xe. Our Mission As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy. The shell command uname -a is one way. Sign up using Facebook. Reply to this comment.