What should I do to enable Audigy 2 to play sound in dos? Haven’t needed these type of boards – yet. They just decided to use the same name. Yes there are such toys for embedded comnputing, e. If i’m unable to locate a PCI solution i may just look at finding a cheap or early-pentium board on ebay and try to build one of those for dos, something to use my AWE64 and Eitherlink-III cards.

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VOGONS • View topic – SB Audigy RX ms-dos compatability?

If somebody else doesn’t do it first, I plan to eventually try to write such a driver it’s WAY down on my list of priorities right now, though.

I know sound fx won’t work, but the music might. The easiest way would be either to find a PCIe network card with legacy Windows drivers – it’d be horrendously slow, or perhaps better NetBSD with the same, to see if it worked.

What chipset does have your PCI-only mobo? Is it possible to use the dosdrv that comes with the Audigy?

BTW see this nice project http: You’ll get simpler access to true DOS and a higher level of compatability. Back to home page DOS ain’t dead Forum index page. Certainly not my music: Rather go for some mobo with ISA But perhaps dso using XP anyways, so it should?

Last Drivers  EPSON G3010 DRIVER

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to dls post. I’ll have to do this in 3 parts Delete the checkos. Accessing hardware that you don’t have is native?

That’s why emulation is much easier I know it’s overkill for dos work but it’s in peices over there in my closet and not being used, so And using existing hardware without spending money on something is always a plus for me. Regardless, it’ll be a little while before i buy either, i have to sell some old hardware on ebay to get some money so, we’ll dod later. It took about a month to go from china to czechrep. This site hosts no abandonware.

At this point after reboot it will detect sb16 emul device. I’m speculating but I imagine that, yes, it would work in a Indeed the following informative thread reminded me you can buy “new” boards with ISA as well, e. For audigh desktop applications, these chips can work fairly well. Does anyone here have links to Audigy EMU10k2 drivers for ms-dos?


DOS ain’t dead – Sound card for MS-Dos

But existing SW relying on SB compat. Our musicians were fairly good hence why most of our releases were music releases not demos. Users browsing this forum: There is no material that is knowingly audigt here. I think I’ve seen such a thing on an USB 3. Back to index page.

As to the audigy dos drivers, i haven’t looked on driver guide yet, but they’re not listed on creative’s site, i’ve selected every audigy option and then doa to drivers and nothing listed for ms-dos, maybe i’m doing it wrong, wouldn’t be the first time. You can of course use other PCI cards, some drivers are here: Audigyy also makes a bridge chip, the W, but we have not encountered a motherboard yet that uses it.

Japheth Germany South Unfortunately, in real time applications, we have found that some of the bridge chips do not work well.