What about the AN7? Jul 3, 6. I would agree though if you are a halfway advanced user and can deal with, and wrangle with a few potential issues the DFI would be the way to go for FSB. SJetski71 , Jul 5, VIA, the main rival in the AMD chipset market has only recently released the KT, a chipset that finally offers some real competition to the nForce2.

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Review: NVIDIA nForce2 – Mainboard –

Once the prediction is made, it’ll automatically load the data into memory before the processor nrorce2 it. We regularly see this problem on motherboards with six PCI slots but as a rule those with only five manage to avoid the problem.

About the DFI option, you know that to get rid of cold boot you have to for now use a beta ncorce2 which is not supported by DFI, and voids your warranty. The Egg has is right now for I’m gonna get the NF7-S on my next upgrade.

NVIDIA nForce2

Original nForce was an ambitious outing for the worlds largest graphics chip manufacturer. ATI Radeon X2. We ponder those questions — and run lots of benchmarks to see. FrozenOver2Jul 6, Jul 17, Many computer owners also had their own discrete audio solutions, such as the popular Creative Audigy series, nfoorce2 VIA Envy24or various Turtle Beach boards, among other high end solutions offering superior analog quality.


I’m seriously contemplating getting a DFI infinity to get me stable around to since I’ve nfoorce2 so much from this board. The southbridge or MCP media and communications processor was, and maybe still is until today, the best AMD southbridge.

First the nForce2-SPP based boards: At that time, indications were that Nvidia had nailed the sweet spot in terms of features, signed up a larger cadre of motherboard manufacturers and looked to take the AMD chipset market by storm. Before we take a look at the nForce2 motherboards we have rounded up I think a quick little recap of the background info is a good idea.

WildStyleMar 18, Now that we’ve had the chance to play with eleven nForce2 motherboards, it’s a good time to do a roundup. Some see the passing of SoundStorm as a classic example of the bottom dollar approach to building computers sweeping the Besh industry, with component quality being gradually eroded, in favor of pricing considerations.

Lets take a look at what’s new, what’s not and cast a judgemental eye over the whole shooting match to see if NVIDIA have got it right again, maybe even more right than before. Again if you want to go past get the DFI just an opinion. DASP works on the same concept as the hardware prefetch logic’s found in modern processors. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Many niche users loved the chipset however and it was nfocre2 success overall.

Last Drivers  440BX ZX DRIVER

Let’s take a quick overview of all the motherboards before diving into more detail First off, the chipset has a very powerful memory controller which supports dual channel DDR memory – which in theory doubles the available memory bandwidth to the processor. SJetski71Jul 5, From budget to highend, to motherboards with integrated video we have a whole lot of nForce2 goodness coming your way.

Which is better? nForce2 or VIA KT600?

I’m not into features, onboard thingies and additional crap. The nForce2 chipset was remarkable for its advanced memory controller. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I wasn’t looking at OCing the board at all. Go over to XS, they’ll all tell you Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.