Also, the c has only a USB connection: The scanned image is blank or black even after scanner calibration has been performed. A number of our clients use our scanners to scan remotely using Citrix and other thin client platforms. The size of the scanned image is adjusted by selecting the appropriate option in the application program which you use to scan the card. The Automatic Export dialog box bizcard reader c appear. Calibration Sheet If you need a new calibration sheet, 60c can download it.

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If the scanner was previously working on the computer and readwr some use has suddenly stopped working, then it is likely that the scanner itself is faulty, and it is not a compatibility issue.

readeer The software is smart: Plug the external hub into the Bizcard reader c port of your computer, and then plug the scanner into one of the ports on the external hub. Follow the instructions to uninstall the driver. To correct the problem: Make sure your own business card is scanner friendly.

The Scanner User Interface should pop up. Remove previous driver files. Vocal Reader Ver 2.


BizCardReader » Download

Best Computer Accessories for See All. If you need additional help on importing a file, you should check the Microsoft Access Help by clicking on Help in the Access toolbar. Just keep feeding cards into the machine. How to Calibrate the Scanner Note: I prefer to keep just the text.

Scanner Drivers

The scanner works only intermittently. Corex Technologies Cambridge, Mass. Scanner Drivers are found in the Download section under Scanner Drivers. Wherever I go, I come home with dozens of business cards. From there, you can feed cards singly or in batches, to be processed after all the images have been scanned. You can unscrew and open up the scanner to check if that is the case.

Slide off the end retainer and remove the sensor from the right end pivot hole.

Current record only — This will transfer only the record currently displayed in the BizCardReader application. This will pop up the Scanner User Interface.

Remove the black rubber roller by lifting it up from the roller slots.

Corex is far and away the leader in this market. Calibration Sheet If you need a new calibration sheet, 60c can download it.


This will automatically install the latest driver for your scanner. Start up BizCardReader and open the database which you want to export. It is possible that a support pin on the intake roller is broken, which results in cards being pulled in sideways. In this case, you can try enlarging the image display to get a clearer picture. In the scan dialog box, select the bizcard reader c bizacrd readsr.

After you download the driver file, double click on it to run the bizcadr file which expands the driver bkzcard into the default folder: The mini version of the MX Master, Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse, is almost as feature-rich You can choose either the default contact folder or a sub-folder of the default contact folder. ScanToFile is a utility program which allows you to scan, print, and save images to your hard disk.