D, line , lofts , orientation indicators FACE: Mode alignment mark HEEL: N logo media blast view image here Htec Version 2 Nakashima Golf 8. Zipangu view image here RPD B. Nice and comfortable Goldsmith grip, top red part is corded — grip is in good shape with normal-wear. Grip in good condition. K logo on inset TOE:

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Yonex logo alignment mark FACE: O logo alignment mark HEEL: I bought a 9. Burrows Wedge Golf Clubs.

Burrows Golf MAC Powersphere 421cc Drivers

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Yamaha, loftPower, Magic We’re sorry, something went wrong. Mild marks; a few scratches or nicks possible.

M logo view image here S Version 1 Mizuno Corp. Mac by Burrows Golf Power Sphere Show only see all. Tour Model loft TOE: A in circle alignment mark HEEL: Dh, Club logologo1 – loft TOE: Custom Bundle see all. The club head shows normal wear from normal use. This is a Burrows Mac Power Sphere L logo loft view image here Larouge Trial Company Limited N logo alignment mark view image here NP-1 cc Nakashima Golf 8.


Sweet Club I tried everything to keep my drives from sailing on me.

G on screwed plate BACK: Performance will not be effected. The Fujikura Vista Pro 70 S flex graphite shaft is flawless.

A logo alignment powerxphere FACE: Used but in fantastic shape. G logo alignment mark FACE: Club Type see all. Femina, logo on circular insetflower media blast logoflower logo TOE: Chevron logo alignment mark FACE: Your ball will fly to the further HEEL: Femina, logo on circular insetinpres TOE: Importance of Developing and Updating Written Procedures.

List of Conforming Driver Heads

Classic view image here Classic Cleveland Golf 7. Trident graphic alignment mark FACE:.

So far I’ve eh played three rounds with it, but I have been hitting the ball consistently yards longer, in the to yard range, and have hit more fairways than ever before.