The serial buffer has been decreased to 64 bytes, which is too small for RGBmtx to properly communicate with my ColorduinoSlave sketch. First name is required! Max current per channel on the DM is set by external resistors, and when I check the values on the Colorduino schematic, these resistors are all 1Ks, which corresponds to 60 mA even a bit less, say 58 mA. Can use Uno 3 or Leonardo Thanks, mo. Hi Nick, I just wanted to thank you for your I2c code and examples. I did not understand this part:

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Colorduino V RGB LED Matrix Driver

You need to take the ic out the arduino when you program the colorduino as per my instructions. Hi Steve, sounds like you are speeding ahead now. Thanks again, very helpful — I really only want to upload sketches until I have a better understanding of the whole set up.

If it was over serial, you might as well mtarix the on board ATmega on the Colorduino to save using an Uno at all.

Colorduino V2.0 Matrix RGB LED Driver Shield Module ATMEGA 328p for Arduino

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Hi, there is a link to the i2c demo code if you read the blog. If you want, email me at steve. Thank you for any help. The only things you have to change — i use colorduino library v1. I also had to make the changes as Jarda states. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Maybe ask in the arduino or itead forums. Using either the wire connections in your article or the Foca 2.


Full color Rainbow Colorduino V2.0 Matrix RGB LED Driver shield For Arduino DIY

A and the ISP programer. Hi Nick, I have a matrix which consists of 32 x 1.

Maybe a beer sometime. Do you have an i2c demo program?? At this stage I am hanging out to to run the plasma sketch and monkey with the code to see what happens and colorduno from there. Are you in London too?

This runs through a variety of patterns as seen in this video. My offer still stands. I would like your help or the staff of the forum! Only registered customers who has bought this colordhino can write reviews. THere is one already on there from someone else with i2c.

Be the first one to review this product. This essentially turns the Arduino into USB to serial programmer. Hi, is this the plasma demo? Had two of these and the first one had a duff output so one line on the matrix never turned on. Completely forget what I wrote in the original post, which you were referring to! Hi Nick, I was wondering if you ever tried to cascade 2 colorduino matriix the I2c port?


Mmatrix, first i move to arduino ide 1. Data is passed between boards using the I2C protocol. I have another question… i already used your codes. The Colordunio has the same chip as on an Arduino and you can code it with the Arduino environment.

My reply a minute ago assumed you wanted to drive it from the PC continually — e.

You could also be clever and use something like Mattix to stream live data from a laptop. Im looking at drving 8 of these via I2C for a medical reseach project im helping out with.