Click OK to assign the selected categories and close the Assign Categories window. In list view, select the contacts to place in the same category. Search for and double click on the file named Blank. Click the Synchronize button to synchronize your contacts information between CardScan and Outlook. Save CardScan files in. When you create a custom export template, it is stored in the directories below with name export.

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Click a contact and press the mouse button until the cursor changes shape.

sane-cardscan – SANE backend for Corex CardScan usb scanners – Linux Man Pages (5)

All of the information from the import file will be arranged in columns with the name of the column at the top. The latest version of CardScan version 8 supports cardscqn installations of Outlook In this window, open Tools, select Forms and choose Publish Forms.

Click the Select button under the Select Outlook Folder option. Above each column, there are drop-down menus.

Corex CardScan c

Click on a telephone number and your computer can complete the call. Save CardScan files in.

CardScan was not designed to read drivers licenses and we cannot predict how accurate the results would correx. Whatever algorithms Corex uses to read and sort the information, it has a real winner.


CardScan 9 has a new feature located that will all you to reformat the telephone numbers of all your contacts at one time. FromList View, select all records. Each card can be scanned in 2 to 3 seconds. Click OK to apply changes. Highlight the database you would like to Synchronize with and press Open.

COREX CardScan Model 600CX USB Powered Business Card Scanner

The only errors were in interpreting certain individualized logos. Your application has complete control over the scanner and the recognition engine and can integrate these functions seamlessly. In the CardScan Synchronization window, clickConfigure. The Assign Categories dialog will appear. If you are happy with the scanned image, clickNext until you are on the Finished screen.

The maximum thickness accommodated by the CardScan series is 1. The scanned image is a CardScan proprietary format, which cannot be used by any other program. In the Configure Synchronization window press the OK button to save the configuration.

If this fails, try to synchronize with a blank CardScan database, keeping all other settings the same. This will give you an option to save the vCards to any directory you wish.

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Open Microsoft Word to the form letter or address label template created earlier. Choose No, I want to Export, and follow the wizard’s instructions to create vCards. I have created a custom export template that I would like to distribute to users. Yes, you can retrieve the raw text read from an image, including the top, left, bottom and right coordinates of each line.

I have business cards coming out of my caedscan. The contact information appears in the correct fields of a new contact. The Corex CardScan is one smooth operator. The next custom export template will have the name export Under Select Application, click on the Microsoft Outlook option.

And if you think I relish the thought of typing all that info into Outlook, well, think again. Click the Categories tab to display all categories.