Press down gently but firmly to make sure that the controller is properly seated in the slot, as shown in Figure Table Software Utilities Features. Jumper pins to disable onboard SCSI termination. Table displays the LEDs and execution states for the boot block. These controllers include a Disk Operating System DOS software configuration utility and drivers for the following operating systems:.

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Disconnect the system from any networks before installing the controller. See the manual for each SCSI device to disable termination.

The audible warnings are listed in Troubleshooting. Jumper pins to enable software control of SCSI termination via drive detection. See J4 and J5. When you start the system, the boot block and firmware perform a number of steps that load the operating system and allow the computer to function properly.

Firmware was not loaded. Please consult the system documentation for instructions.


New 0X6847

Drive roaming does not work if you change both the adapter and the SCSI connectors to different connectors on the new adapter. Each device in a channel must have a unique TID. Jumper pins to disable onboard SCSI termination. Having no jumper installed enables onboard SCSI termination.

The LEDs display in hexadecimal format so that you can determine the number and the corresponding execution state from the LEDs that display. The boot block contains the operating system loader and other basic information needed during startup.

When ready, the following appears:. Table Software Utilities Features. Table lists the target IDs. All others should follow the steps under the heading Installation Steps in this section.

Dell OpenManage Array Manager is used to configure and manage a storage system that is connected to a server, while the server is active and continues to handle requests. Select your controller from the ones shown on the following pages. The PERC 4 controller has a speaker that generates audible warnings when system errors occur.


The SCSI bus is an electrical transmission line and must be terminated properly to minimize reflections and losses. Connector for optional backup battery unit BBU located on a daughter card.

PERC 4 Features: Dell™ PowerEdge™ Expandable RAID Controller 4/SC and 4/DC User’s Guide

Multiple e4 and consistency checks with user-definable priority. Table displays the LEDs and execution states during firmware initialization. Table Array Performance Features. Connector for enclosure LED to indicate data transfers. Operating System Software Drivers. See Dell Manager for additional information. It works only if you make one change at a time.

During this time the adapter scans the SCSI channel. Table displays the PERC 4 hardware architecture features. Table Boot Block States.

Table Fault Tolerance Features. SCRAM is present and properly configured.