There is no password in the factory setup. If you check on the box you can use Watermark function. Our embedded OS XPe is still the way to go. Sound is recorded along with video at the video record time, and as sound is supposed to be recorded at the moment when video is input, sound can not be recorded when video is not input. It can display up to 16 live screens. If you select [None], one day will be designated as holiday and for that specific day only. All others have abandoned it.

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A user selects numbers of cameras to which motion detection is applied. The standard for repairing, replacement or reimbursement follows Customer Warranty Content Any defect under normal use within the warranty service period digine give you free repair service according to the warranty sheet.

Drive selection window will appear. To check if saved images have been altered, the watermark check program is saved in the drive as well as the corresponding image. When the basic codec provided on Window is used, codecs of Mpeg4 Video Codec v2 over are recommended.


When adding to the bookmark while searching, the image kodicoom your preferred time, will register date and kovicom from the [Bookmark list] respectably. Center Communication setup………………… ………………14 6.

This button plays the current image. Select your settings for audio play back.

Kodicom DigiNet problems PLEASE HELP – DVR Cards and Software – PC Based Systems –

Selecting [Easy Update] button gives you a choice of a brand new upgraded version package by executing Intelli Update program. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. We removed demo mode from 5.

Default is BMP format. Then, click on the [Confirm] diginer.

But, recording speed may decrease if you setup several cameras with it. Support for the new ATI and Nvidia cards are being released in version 5. In that case, please follow the next step. In order to record sound, a sound card or an exclusive audio board should be installed. A pop up menu will appear on the right hand side when you click [Copy]. Riginet rebooting, please check out the connection between DigiNet and center PC by using center and site program.

If it does not print 1. It only works within desired time and the default time is from But, recording speed may decrease if you setup several cameras with it. Please get this sheet filled when you purchase the product.


Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V4.100) User Guide

How to search backup digineg ……………………………. Can be extended up to 14 characters in English. Buttons have been moved for better organization and ease of use. However, you can back up images in the drive only one by one. We recommend that the administrator to change password. In order to use 2Way audio function, above information should be applied to center and site simultaneously.

Avoid high or low temperature. If you are using recording function from other software, you cannot use 2Way Audio function Audio input by using microphone from sound card can only be used from one logical program at once.

In order to do this, select the date you wish to delete from [Holiday List] and click [Delete]. Move the bar to the left and right to search the stored data. The 4 screen division will change too fast on 0 sec. In Add Printer window, click Next.

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