Longer Life Lenses Rated to watts Lenses that are rated to an incredibly high watts, and can last the life of the laser system. Epilog’s optional Air Compressor is available to work with the included Air Assist features of the laser systems. Find the latest Epilog news on our Facebook Page. For more information, visit our laser metal marking page. Our Applications Team would be happy to assist you. Belts Advanced B-style Kevlar Belts.

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Laser Tube is Outputting 37 Watts. Laser Cutting – nothing compares to the quality of a laser cut on many materials. The laser can zlng set to engrave only Raster Modecut only Vector Modeor can complete both operations in Combined Mode. One 1 19mm FD FL 2.

Rotary Attachments for Cylindrical Items The Rotary Attachment allows you to engrave wine bottles, mugs, glasses, flashlights and more. What is the wavelength of the lasers? Laserable Materials A few of the materials you can use with your Epilog Laser system.

Epilog Zing 16 Specifications

G2 Galvo Lasers The first galvo laser system that can laser mark over a large work area without compromising engraving quality or requiring product indexing. Can Epilog’s lasers cut through metal?

Do I need separate laser systems for engraving and cutting? Our fiber laser systems are capable of permanently marking nearly all types of bare metal.


Epilog Zing 24 Laser Series

The air space below the vector grid is connected to the exhaust, so smoke is removed not only from the top side of the material, but also from the underside. Are you looking for a system that engraves outstanding photographs?

Designed with features that work together to provide you with great engraving and cutting quality and an economical price. In the print driver you will select the laser parameters you want to use, or select a preset material setting from Epilog’s extensive database. The following recommendations are just options to consider if a new computer is necessary. Sign up for our popular monthly e-newsletter. Open the image your customer has sent you.

Can I make money with an Epilog Zing Laser?

Epilog Zing Laser Engraver and Cutter Machines

Available in 30 and watt configurations. Attach an air compressor to our included Air Assist to remove heat and combustible gasses from the cutting surface by directing a constant stream of compressed air across the cutting surface. If you’re looking for a low cost, easy to use graphic software program, CorelDRAW is an excellent choice.

From plaques to glass photo frames, and even a marble gift box, this laser cutter allows you to project text and images onto many different materials. Probably best price around for an engraver of this caliber.

Last Drivers  BYTECC BT-200 DRIVER

Create a new page in your graphic software zlng set the page size to match the size of the piece you will be engraving. How much do the laser systems cost?

An online resource for you to access technical articles about your laser, software and the industry in general. The software for windows seven is a free download from Epilog. The FiberMark was designed with a combination of affordability and high quality, and features a inch by inch engraving area. What is the repeatability of the CO2 laser systems?

Epilog Laser

Eepilog shop in Also shop in. Do you have any comments or questions Please send information and pricing on the Zing Laser. Vector color mapping links speed, power and focus to any RGB color. When engraving items that are not easily placed at the top corner of the laser, you can set a new home position by hand with the convenient Movable Home Position feature on the Zing Laser. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.