And i am on an i install. You can go ahead and skim over the explanations if you want – at your own risk. Dovecot This one will be less wall-of-text-y! Fill in the information queried properly, like in this transcript: Sign up using Facebook.

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I allready took a look at it. CSR You can generate one like this:.

In this conf i did not change anything. Then we move on to main.

It does contain the answer to your question. This tutorial assumes and was built using the following setup: The holidays throw some sand in the machine Postfix is extremely flexible. You can etc/dovecot/dvecot.conf ahead and skim over the explanations if you want – at your own risk.

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The irony is that evrything but this works ;-p tia, for an answer. This article explains almost every single setting to be set in detail.

How to get a working dovecot.conf?

The important detail is one that can’t be seen: DNS will take a few hours to propagate all over the internet, but it should be set on your DNS server after a few minutes. This is done by the local daemon using the aliases specification.


Dovecot is also huge here is the wiki for dovecot 2but we only want a very small set of features from dovecot. Now enter the following config: These non-delivery notices usually hit innocent people whose addresses have been spoofed in spam and scam mails and contribute to the spam problem. Hi again, It seems i have undone some rb, as the output now shows the version of dovecot and the os: Now i have to fill in some parameters: And you should be good to go.

[SOLVED] dovecot failed to start – status 89 [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Test your config with a mail client, e. For SMTP it’s the same, but port To do that, open master.

We’ll also stop postfix after it has been installed, because we don’t want it to be running yet. The default MTA on Debian is exim. The default origin is used to construct the ‘From’ address for local users. I would realy appreciate some help, as my only goal was to set up an imap server so i can access my mail from all over the world, and have all mail in ‘one’ central place, instead of scattered all over many pc’s and laptops. Maybe i found the problem.


Spin up an SSD cloud server in under a minute. Log In Sign Up. How to set up SSL certificates for your website and e-mail depends on your website structure and the CA you use self-signed, organisational sub -ca, ddb commercial ca for example.

[Dovecot] userdb missing driver

Let’s now set the local alias maps. Sign up using Facebook. Fill in the information queried properly, like in this transcript: