Key in the first settings time, date with the number keys and press OK soft key to accept. The camera module has the function of increment addressing, the host can operate continuous addresses by one sequence. Open the sliding cover: Illuminate sensor from close range with very bright light. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. NO NO Tx signal found? In this case check components listed below or soldering:

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See Appendix in the end for this document for further info in Exchanging customers phone. Use only approved components as specified in the parts list.

It should be noted that the effects of any dirt in images can vary very much; it may be difficult to judge if the window has been dirty when some image has been taken or that has something else been wrong. Calibration must be done always when emitter, receiver, AEM or proximity optics bpuetooth been replaced. Main Modes are described below.

NHL-2NA Imaging Phone Nokia |

This chapter gives instructions how to repair the problem in the proximity detector. Electrical bl-2c85 Figure If any physical damage is found, replace lens module before proceeding to detailed troubleshooting. Yes Are backlights off in bright light? Inspect components which are connected Vchar line: Push the upper part till end of the grooves.


If no visible defects items can be found, a couple of test images should be taken and checked. KnonvipoBaHvie mjim cosflaHvie odpasa flncxa mjim pasflejia. This voltage can be always applied, even if the Vctrl is off. The data communication between the card and the phone is asynchronous half duplex.

NHL-2NA Imaging Phone Nokia 7650

OFF minimum voltage Red, green, blue “”. A, 0 Fiat py6. The Extclk is active before VDD is on. The hall sensor component is in the LG4 BB area and the magnet is in the grip module. Gain, Detection threshold, and Fault threshold in the left column are the values in phone permanent memory. B flajiGKOM r.

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Light source has limited lifetime and it starts to lose brightness as it is used. Most common symptoms reported by customer In this section is described most common symptoms reported by customers when the device bluetooh brought to service. Therefore every time you change the UI module, you need to adjust the contrast point.

Rise and fall time in input and output and Rise and fall times in input and output of display driver.


Eyeq bl c285 bluetooth driver

Press to enter a space. If OK measure sleepclk from testpoint J In practice this means that when taking a picture inside e. Image formats and frame rate The table below shows the relationship bluetooh Extclk and CCP frequency to keep the frame rate constant approximately 15 fps.

When Product is found, Phoenix will load product support and when everything is ready, name of the loaded product support module and its version will be shown on the bottom of the screen. Eyeqq Proximity sensor, see p. That point can vary more than the end user has possibility to adjust. To help troubleshooting phone SW response is one of the 13 dyeq that are explained in the next chapter.

This can be checked easily, because light sensor can be turned off. See figure 11 for Figure The third microphone input is not used, so it must connected to ground. While every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of this document, some errors may exist.