At a time of bag phones and brick phones, this design was very compact and revolutionary. The head mouse can control the cursor by using head movements. World’s first bicycle helmet with venting on the entire helmet Bell Sports Intercooler Pro — Although it was never offered to the public, the Intercooler Pro was Bell’s top of the line helmet in Introduction to Bestiality and Zoophilia. This program moves the cursor and provides an interface to activate mouse buttons using one or two switches. Headmaster Plus Model Hm-3P.

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The liquid crystal shutters allow the viewer to see clear, high-definition 3D images. The most advanced head mounted display in the world Colorado MicroDisplay — The world’s most advanced miniature liquid-crystal-on-silicon head mounted SVGA display with x resolution.

The world’s most advanced miniature liquid-crystal-on-silicon head mounted SVGA display with x resolution. It also had a motorized gyroscope inside, so it could be lifted off the mousepad and used in the air like a laser pointer.

An Evaluation of Two Input Devices for Remote Pointing

The enclosure was also designed to be rugged enough for military use, so it had to pass stringent military durability testing including drop and shock. Go to Previous Page.

The Intelligaze v4 eye control for Compact Rolltalk is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and severe physical disabilities. By designing a single, slightly more complicated casting, IDE was able to reduce the cost of goods and improve the fork’s performance.

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Palm III used a dock to charge the permanently-installed battery, weighed less than 7 ounces, and had a whopping 8MB of memory built in. Introduction to Bestiality and Zoophilia. EFS-1 was triggered by the sound of the shutter clicking.

Gyration Ultra Cordless Optical Keyboard and Mouse

Headmaster Model Hm The EFS-1 made it possible to capture digital images using your existing 35mm SLR film camera, making your collection of expensive lenses and accessories no longer obsolete.

Features and functions of the software; Gyropint of updating filtering engines; Effectiveness of the software; Details on installation. By simply popping the e-film cartridge into your camera in place of the film, you instantly had a digital camera. Dexk of Nuclear Energy Production. World’s first wireless 3D stereoscopic glasses StereoGraphics CrystalEyes — CrystalEyes were designed primarily to view 3D computer graphics in imaging and scientific applications.

World’s first 3D gaming glasses StereoGraphics SimulEyes — Designed for the gaming market, SimulEyes had to be low cost, reliable, and ruggedized. To date, IDE has completed projects for unique clients, with many more to come.

Top 10 Software Products of

HeadMouse Extreme is an mouse emulator designed to provide full mouse control of computers for people without use of their hands, but who have good head control. Some of the design language from this phone was even carried through to several following products. Connect with us for the latest news on.

Headmaster Plus Model Hm-3P. The design team at IDE created a soft, integrated form with beautiful sculptural surface transitions, yet obviously reminiscent of a portable CD player. The Handshoe Mouse is an ergonomic computer mouse designed for individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury RSI.


Features include dual-hand usage, which prevents accidental triggering. The Head mouse – Tracker Pro is gyroplint for use by individuals with upper extremity and severe physical disabilities to control a computer cursor. IndeMouse is a mouse or track ball interface designed for gydopoint by individuals with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy, or fine motor, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities.

Home Mouse and Track Ball. Samsung’s first cell phone featured a backlit keypad and a multi-line graphical display.

GyroPoint Desk

Petr Sehnal left and David Moriconi rightcame from industrial design and engineering backgrounds, thus the name IDE. Intelligaze v4 eye control for Compact Rolltalk. Pronto’s advanced capabilities, such as the ability for the user to create custom interfaces, helped exceed Philips sales projections in its first year.

Winner of multiple design awards and many positive accolades from professional riders, the 3. HulaPoint II is a mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities.