In this section we will be going behind the scenes of the Kyro II chip. No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Intel is a good example in the CPU market. Those who know earlier driver versions will see that the developers have finally made an effort to present a clear layout. Hercules’ 3D Prophet is a shock, though. It’s surprisingly good, and it comes with the backing of Hercules, not a small name in the graphics card business.

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That means that the ykro could potentially be overclocked to MHz. Videologic partnered with NEC, and managed to wrest away the Sega Dreamcast contract from 3dfx, a situation for which 3dfx received a decent payoff after litigation. The release drivers will be generation V8. No Interruptions Khro Shortbread.

Synthetic DirectX-7 benchmark V1. Customize The Tech Report Let’s take a look at the differences. What is crucial, though, is how it performs. Intel IDE driver V6.

You can tell that memory and herculse clocks both run at MHz in the new powerstrip version. You have to alter settings on both regulators at the same time.

Hercules’ 3D Prophet 4500 graphics card

About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Textures are only loaded if a visible object requires it. The chip clock rate of MHz wasn’t enough for the Kyro I to really get the ball rolling. The Kyro II follows on in the line of PowerVR cards that do the rendering in a completely different way, to put it simply the Kyro chipset only renders what is visible in a 3D scene.


Hercules’ 3D Prophet graphics card – The Tech Report – Page 1

Graphics Previous page Next page. Despite the fact that our lab still hasn’t received a final production card, the first benchmarks using a late beta driver have yielded astounding results, due to the design overhaul and the switch from a 0. Kydo you can see on a conventional renderer such as a GeForce2 there is much more use of the external memory bandwidth as denoted in the red arrows in the diagram above, this shows just how much bandwidth the Kyro II is saving.

Hercules are among the early adopters of the Kyro II chipset so lets see how it works in practice.

The operating system already gives you this information. In addition, Kyro II sales aren’t targeted at the high-end aof the 3D graphics market, but rather in the value or mainstream segment of heercules market. Test Configuration All benchmarks were determined on an Athlon 1. At a resolution of xthat makes for tiles.

A Speedy Tiler: Kyro II on Hercules’ 3D Prophet –

As yet, there are no Windows NT or drivers available. There are far more detailed reports on the rendering process in the Kyro chipset, yercules here, I’m just going to concentrate on how it performs. By verifying whether an object is visible or not, the chip avoids overdrawing. Drivers, Continued Hercules could have done without this window. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.


As enthusiasts, we simply expected to be choosing between Jyro and Radeons for the foreseeable future, and this card is an attractive third option.

The whole procedure is skipped for hidden objects. It first surfaced with the Power VR chipset back in the late 90’s, this chipset had a brief period where games drivers where developed specifically for it.

Companies that have become market leaders in a particular segment tend to react like monopolists.

myro Conventional cards first fill all the polygons without considering which ones will be hidden later on. Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! Classic 3D games need to access memory constantly for the z-buffer and to load textures, thereby eating up valuable memory bandwidth.

However, other graphics board partners could join STMicroelectronics later on but, for stronger partners such as ASUS, Creative or Elsa, the stakes seem to be too high.