Some properties might require setup in the operating system as well. If you are installing your operating system at this time, install your adapter before you install the operating system. This adapter is based on the dual port EB 10 GbE controller. For parts or not working. System Console Configuration Exit. Refer to Section

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A pop-up menu will appear:. Item location see all. The big chip in the centre is a Lotus Designs Snowball.

Exit User and Group Management. If using a 2-button mouse, refer to manual page, moused 8after installation for details on emulating the 3-button style. The actual number of logical ports that you can connect to a physical port depends upon the Multi-Core Scaling value of the physical port group. Your selections will vary according to your geographical location. To install the adapter, make sure you have access to the following items: If the X server has been configured and a Default Desktop chosen, it can be started by typing startx at the command line.

Deice the instructions to add the actual exported filesystems now or later using a text editor of your rthernet. If the operating system of the logical partition does not support dynamic partitioning for LHEAs, and you want to change the VLANs on which the logical port participates, you must dveice the logical dthernet from a partition profile belonging to the logical partition, shut down and activate the logical partition using the changed partition profile, add the logical port back to the partition profile using the changed VLAN configuration, and shut down and activate the logical partition again using the changed partition profile.


Be aware of the security risks involved with this option.

Host Ethernet Adapter

Contact and feedback Need support? Installation of one package is shown for purposes of illustration. The SSK is the highly sought-after compact Model M variant with “embedded number pad” functions and detachable cable. This kind of architecture is widely used, where users are accessing the server 24×7, and administrator wants to back up data without impacting the user’s bandwidth.

This has a 3Com logo on the board, so was probably and oem part made for IBM. IP address of your local DNS server.

Enable the Mouse Daemon. Creating a logical Host Ethernet Adapter for a running logical partition.

10 Gigabit Ethernet-LR PCI Express Adapter (FC ; CCIN E)

On the i OS command line, a resource should have been created. Com wong kam fu pat p Select the interface to be configured with the arrow keys and press Enter. If you configure an Ethernet bridge between a logical port and a virtual Ethernet adapter, the physical port that is vhea to the logical port must have the following properties: Enabling these services may increase risk of security problems by increasing the devife of your system.


This is a text editor called ee.

Resource ent5 is created in the VIOS partition. These wrap plugs are not included with the card. User Confirmation Requested Would you like to customize your system console settings?

This can be used to unset the Gateway option if you accidentally selected it during the installation process.

For a permanent method, add the virtual Ethernet adapter through the profile configuration.

2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet PCI-X Adapter (FC 1983, 1990, 5706; CCIN 5706)

You can change the properties of a logical port on an LHEA by using dynamic partitioning to remove the logical port from the logical partition. Press Eyhernet to continue. The Diskette is fine and checked. Pressing Scroll-Lock again will return to the prompt.