The magic of the 3D album creator function allows the user to freely create a personal 3D album. Originally Posted by Robertoy. Forums New posts Search forums. Joined Jan 2, Messages 9, 2. While best known for their mainstream and workstation-class graphics cards, Leadtek offers a variety of other products including TV tuners, video capture devices, GPS modules, videophones and video surveillance cameras. The PxVC was able to do this in a third of the time.

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Toshiba has taken the liberty of modifying the Cell processor into something a little more appropriate for multimedia processing by retaining half of the Cell’s eight synergistic processor elements SPEs and adding video encoding and decoding hardware, it created the SpursEngine processor: Toshiwo Doko Tanaka Hisashige. We look at this SpursEngine-equipped card to show you just what it can spursenginw. However, with Super-Resolution enabled, it still took nearly an hour. Admittedly, a gigaflop, which represents one billion floating point operations per second, is not a perfect metric, as these processors have different strengths and weaknesses.

I know what you’re thinking: Baum Sep 7, The processor has one megabyte of local memory, KB of which are dedicated to each of the four SPEs.


Archived from the original on Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Originally Posted by Robertoy Thanks for the spursenginw Not to mention expensive!

For whatever reason, it took the PxVC much longer than expected to encode the. W1zzard Administrator Staff member.

Leadtek to show external SpursEngine processing device

With Leadtek making an SDK freely available leeadtek the public, this will hopefully change. Leadtek already offers a plug-in SpursEngine board for desktop PCs and the prototype device essentially packages the board in a case with PCI Express connector for use with laptops.

I could have SLI Nvidia array for that. Forums New posts Search forums. My ATI despite being newer than my camcorder still won’t convert and or downscale the video in hardware.

Leadtek intros SpursEngine-packing PCI-E card

I need power and lots of it. To enable smoother interaction leadttek the host and the SpursEngine Toshiba also integrated a simple proprietary bit control core. Joined Feb 1, Messages 9, 2. Windows Vista Home Premium, input frame rate HD transcoding performance comparison: Dare I moon you. The SpursEngine is accessible to the developer from a device driver developed for Windows and Linux systems.


Cell BE architecture Coprocessors Toshiba. The card also reduced the amount of time it took to encode our x test video from Utilizing the latest video compression technology, H.

WinFast HPVC Four Wheel Drive SpursEngine 4×4 – Platform Solution | Leadtek

Joined Feb 16, Messages 0. Views Read Edit View history. However, more importantly, we’re going to compare its performance to a number of CPUs across the price spectrum to see if your hard-earned dollars are best spent on the WinFast PxVC or if they are better served upgrading your host processor instead. Joined Oct 9, Messages 36, 8. You may also have heard about the U. I created three custom configurations with a resolution of x, frame rate of To make this more of an apples to apples comparison, I created two custom templates with a resolution of x, frame rate of The magic of the 3D album creator function allows the user to freely create a personal 3D album.