Address and phone number information is not provided at this time. Then just drag and drop the songs from the location on your computer to the folder on your XOG drive. When it gets dark its DARK! Why won’t my unit say street names like “Main St. Why won’t my unit lock onto satellites? How long will the XOG run on a fully charged internal battery? You must be locked onto position for that feature to be active.

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And the touch screen is one of the lowrahce I have seen and used. The SD card slot on the side of the navigator accepts SD cards up to 2 GB, and the navigator will act as a removable disk drive when connected to a computer and will draw power, charging the battery.

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Updates are no oowrance available for this product. You may also like. Press the X and the new waypoint will now be in your address book.

Can’t manually type in street names. Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld Most relevant reviews See all 23 reviews. Other GPS mapping products do have street mapping but do not provide the automotive navigation functions. If there is a tone of recognition and the XOG is not displayed as a separate drive in My Computer, there may be a drive conflict. It also has on the water function so that I can use it on my big boat for a back-up.


Then just drag and drop the songs from the location on your computer to the folder on your XOG drive. You are not limited to city and highway driving. There are other apps you can get for it. You can add or remove different options from waypoints and trails to cities and roads.

Address and phone number information is not provided at this time. The Lowrance XOG Automotive Mountable Portable Navigator also handles topographical maps, plus hiking, fishing, and waterway navigation maps with included outdoor and marine navigation modes.

Lowrance XOG Automotive Mountable

Click here if you have a drive conflict with Windows 95, 98, or ME. Yes, for off-road and marine use. Although it can function as a GPS in your car, it is better suited for other applications: Touch the play list file to start. Can I enter latitude and longitude coordinates into the unit?

XOG Unit, Manual, and Accessories Information

The Lowrance XOG Automotive Mountable Portable Navigator does it all, music, photos, maps, and directions, whether you are in the car or the boat, are only a touch away.

Over 3 million points of interest feature in with map information, so you are never more than a touch away from a gas station, hotel, restaurant, or ATM.


However there is a workaround. Why won’t the battery recharge in my XOG? It only calculates the route that it determines based on speed limits to be the fastest route.

The XOG will retain a charge from hours in use, dependent upon the backlight level and features usage.

Not every address or street name is present in the NavTeq database. The charging circuit has built-in battery protection and will stop charging when the temp gets outside of this range.

The headphone jack on the side of the Lowrance XOG Automotive Mountable Portable Navigator allows you to enjoy your music, or listen to turn by turn directions, without disturbing other passengers in the vehicle. No wonder lowrwnce quit making these units, it lowrabce everything for a good price!

You should see volts. The XOG can only say street names consisting of numbers like 3rd street. How long will the battery last when charged? Overall, I give it a A rating. Plus I can download hot spots for fishing.