Due to the variations between the datatypes and the sequence the messages are processed in, the error message will vary. If you leave this running for a long period of time you’ll likely fill the filesystem and possibly make the server unusable‚Ķ Using your text editor of choice, you can search through the strace output to try and pick apart what’s happening. ODBC is a programming interface, not an implementation. Define the data source name and other information as it pertains to your configuration. The library path variable is: The driver supports the storage of client information.

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There are several ways to extract data from Oracle and load it into Microsoft Excel. Excel can also open a URL directly in the file-open dialog, so any number of web-based scripting languages can be used with this technique.

With this kind of problem it’s often a case of working through lots of different configuration settings to obtain further diagnostic evidence – which requires reproducing the problem each time.

Connecting to Oracle / Databases

You may want to avoid setting a username and password here for security reasons. We know that it was running, because otherwise we’d not have been able to login to OBIEE in the first place. Therefore any kind of issue running the request will always show as an “ODBC error”. It defines a set of function calls, error codes and data types that can be used to develop database independent applications.


This is one interesting point of note here, then, that the ODBC trace library isn’t loading properly. This change allows the driver to connect to servers requiring Oracle Advanced Security encryption using the default configuration.

Was it running but crashed? This is a known limitation. Before ColdFusion applications can connect to Oracle 7 and 8.

To update the variable for the driver on Linux, review the following example: Powered by Progress Sitefinity. Where do these paths come from? As I know you’re dying to find out, the Driver Manager recorded by the above nqcmd call is: This change has been implemented to reflect the new maximum length supported by the server.

Running the Oracle Net8 Easy Config utility. You can do this using the Net8 Easy Config utility or by directly inspecting the tnsnames.

The Oracle Wire Protocol Driver

The first line above, where it says “scup” is what the connect string name should be set to in the ColdFusion Administrator. First with the unixODBC driver: The library path variable is: The user ID specified using this option determines your permissions and identity when executing queries.

If you don’t set a name and password, each CFML database call must specifically define a username and password. Now let’s see if we can force nqcmd to use the DataDirect manager that nqsserver is doing when it crashes:. This variable is set automatically during installation. So from this we can see that the ODBC driver is being loaded from the path we expected, and the configuration files that we expected are being read too.


I also tried add an entry in the odbc. To explain this further, MQSI makes a connection to a user database the first time a messageflow is exercised that contains a datasource. Refer to System Requirements and Certification. You need to make sure you’ve got a recent JDK available, and if you’re running it on SampleApp, medant out for this odd problem that I had which was related to classpaths and manifested itself with the error java.

Descriptive information about the data source. To diagnose and fix the problem. Right click; select link table. Thanks Guys, We have just been given the workaround and it appears to work What a shock IBM seems all to un interested in a permenant fix for this though for my liking!!!

For compatibility purposes, the EnableTimestampwithTimezone oraclf can still be manually specified for this release, but it will be deprecated in subsequent versions of the product. Right-click on the resulting objects.