Discussion in ‘ Technical Help ‘ started by Weredawg , May 21, Just tried making an image using my fav software, FantomCD, using default configuration. Whistler Whistler Feb 11, Is the link no longer working? I had the same problem when playing Tomb Raider 1 from an Image. The time now is

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Is there something I’m not doing? Set the drive on virtual drive that the image had been mounted into.

So no other advice? They boot fine, show the beginning FMVs, bring up the menu but crash into an endless black screen if I try to load the main game passport or Lara’s house snapshot. Has anyone gotten these game to work fully?

SFX but no background music with ePSXe

Some games such as the Crash series have worked near perfectly but when it comes to games like Wipeout, Jet Moto and mabye Spyro? It’s not just that one world, it crashe when entering any world apart from Sunny Villa.


Tomb Raider and ePSXe. Pete’s OpenGL Driver 1. WeredawgMay 23, Just set the game image that need to be run on Mooby2 configuration.

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I’ve had no problems running other games on it either. Yes, apparently I said 8. I have no idea why that’s so hard to find. Every time I try to get in, epsxe just has an error and has to be closed.

I suppose the CD Image Reader driver is the most important, imagw I’m just wondering if something about your config is what I’m missing?

TirithRRMay 23, Later then, configure your cd plugin of ePSXe. Joined Apr 11, Messages Reactions 0 Points 0. The time now is If this is the solution, would someone please explain step-by-step what I have to do ie. If there is, then you made it right on track.

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Spyro 3 – Error in loading

Programs I have already tried: Try to run the BIOS. Some say that I have to combine the. Then just choose Run CD option and it will run that game. Thanks so much for the link Whistler! Just change to All File Types and select it. Or should I put a screenshots for you to make it more clearly?


I had the same problem when playing Tomb Raider 1 from an Image. And it surely works on imags ePSXe 1. Blogs Forum Rules Advanced Search.

Anyway, are you sure that emulator is working at all? You don’t need a patch, just enable subchannel reading or make an image with subchannels. With them mounted to a virtual drive, configure your CDRom Plugin to point to that drive. Daemon Tools can mount the BIN as well.