Any other suggestions or comments would be awesome. Don’t trim too much, a little pressure from the enclosure should provide some minor strain relief. Users browsing this forum: It’s kind of a pain. The D-Link card uses the Intersil Prism II chipset, and information on the Intersil page specified a list of manufacturers that make products with the intersil chipset.

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That should do it.

Are you using this for wardriving in some kind of carputer? Obviously I should have looked there first. It would be nice to better match a given antenna to this card. From the pictures it really looked like there was supposed to be a jack at the end xmf the antenna PCB.

PC1 uses a Hardware version 2 card and have no problems with netstumbler. Just solder it right on the card. I wanted to find out how to add one.

Personally, I wouldn’t know. Also, I connected the external antenna to each mzf the onboard leads, and neither seemed to give any better performance than the other, so I suspect that it doesn’t matter which one you use. Users browsing this forum: I thought it also used the Marvell chipset, I’ll have to do some research and let you guys know. Where it says “snap outward”, you really only need to pry mxr a little bit, then push the small innter tab in the other direction to free it. There are inserts with catches into the housing that you need to pop out.


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Any one else having the same issue? J] Different chipset, non-compatible. You also need the pcmcia-cs package just to compile the wvlan driver. When NS loads, the WiFi part of the stack apparently gets hosed, that is until the next reboot. The pertinent schematics are on sheet 5 of the USB board stuff here. Don’t trim too much, a little pressure from the enclosure should provide some minor strain relief.

Finally I ran across a company called Gemtek, which is what happens to be printed on the D-Link card. Remember, unsupported cards may not work the same even on identical systems! It uses a chipset from Marvell called Libertas 88W Intersil Prism II http: On the other hand, the wlan drivers have ugly config files instead of iwconfig.

There are snaps along the side that you need to pry. I just checked all FCC pages of companies that matched. Google [Bot] and 5 guests. How ever this card does not registre in netstumbler.

Last Drivers  CANNON MF4270 DRIVER

Adding an antenna to the D-Link DWL

There were some nice pictures at seattlewireless that convinced me it would be easy to add an antenna. You’ll need to trim the gray plastic case msf snaps together to allow it to fit through. There are two working drivers for this card.

The schematics don’t appear to match the hardware in the picture, but I could be mistaken. Don’t know what WZC is, but this isn’t entirely normal behavior.

Using the FCC documents would probably be helpful if you were looking for information about other chipsets as well.

If you put a Mf jack on the antenna, you only need to get one adapter, a pass thru. When that failed, I searched for all items between and mhz created in the last year use the advanced search.