Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Error – Vendor Request 0x07 failed for offset 0x with error Move everything ralink related out of my modules prior to install the new driver with something similar to the following. Add tags Tag help. Download full text

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My Ralink wlan works with the deb above, but the NetworkManager is having problems with it.

Bardur Simonsen bard-simonsen wrote on Then I actually have to remove the usb, and insert into another port. I checked Hardy and there are still problems with ralini ralink cards Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. The syslog repeats the error below dozens of times. This applies only to driver version 3. Dudley dudleygb wrote on You can’t simply put all ralink-problems under one bug in my opinion.

[ubuntu] Ralink RT/RT Can’t get wireless to work

I am able to scan but not connect with the standard drivers, my configuration is fine and there seems to be a conflict somewhere, dhcp and static configs dont work Kyle Weller On Jan 10, I recently 22573 Ubuntu desktop I’m using it since few minutes, without trouble just a reassociation that worked fine. Here are the options:. The rt73usb driver found in the official. Can’t get wireless to work This is what it looks like.

Last Drivers  EAH5770 CUCORE DRIVER

If I ever try this again I will install 32bit system.

If we know it, we may be able to patch sources of linux-ubuntu-module and get a working version of rt2x Basic injection with rt73 and BackTrack v2 for beginners. Olivia oli-maia wrote on If you have the file rt73usb.


Moving modules which are not required. Thanx for raoink really sweet distro, I’m really enjoying Gutsy. Can’t get wireless to work Please use thumbnails or url’s when posting images because many people have slow internet connections and cannot load pages with large images.

Hope it helps somone. Also your path may be slightly different from the one below. I have this wireless and i have problem.

And to think I bought this adapter because it is one of the few that supposedly works out of the box on Ubuntu thanks a lot, wiki.

Selected rate control algorithm ‘simple’ [ Then I compiled the latest cvs version rt2x00 not the legacy drivers! So rt73 module was loaded.


Join Date Feb Beans Kathryn S kathie wrote on A workaround to make the adapter work is to unload the rtusb 2753 the rt73usb modules, then just reload the rt73usb module. So I’m know using rt73, and it don’t work with NetworkManager.

Putting in blacklist the rtusb module works good, tested with hardy heron current.