Better than R, I say. It does have a very shallow face which might scare a few and takes some time to get to grips with but what a mighty driver. The is taller than the PS and The Vforce is more wobbly so if you hit stiif get X-stiff. The sound of sweet spot contact is made even sweeter by a unique feeling the R provides. I love my Hibore and all as its such a great club always straight and high but i find the harder i hit it the higher it tends to go. When swung it hits the ball with ease and gives you a penetrating flight which is what I was looking for.

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Fall Sneak Peek: Hitting the R as described was straight and long. Notify me of new posts by email. I 905rr changed my mind on w Titleist drivers have never needed fancy style to look powerful.

Sound at impact is solid and delivers good feedback regarding the impact position.

Titleist Pro Titanium R Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

tutanium Yes I still have my Persimon Titleist driver in the basement. Titleist R Driver Golf Club Switched to the Titleist T and the results were remarkable. Like the previous models, the R incorporates a variety of materials. With this setup I am having lots of trouble hitting this tiyanium straight!


In addition to moving the weight back just a bit, the plug helps to fine tune the sound of impact. The face is still in great playing condition with TONS of golf left!

Until earlier this year, I was one of those S users. Just bought a R in Buying more than one item?. I did not put this in the categories above because I got used to the shape of the fairly easily.

Golfers coming from any other driver would do well to give the R a spin, if for no other reason than to see what a pear-shaped driver looks like. I hit two fairways, and both were a result of bad swings that blocked the ball to the right. I hit it twice and had great results both times, felt great, sounded great. I currently have J and looking to upgrade to S possibly. Recently purchased this driver,been using a Yonex ADX with power pendulem shaft to good effect, have tried other drivers found no reason to change.

Better than R, I say.

Titleist 905R

Golf Pride Titleist tour velvet grip. The R wasn’t necessarily the ;ro or straightest every time it was always in the top 2 but it gave me a good gut feeling and I’ve been playing it exclusively for the last year.

I actually bomed it from the rough the other day about to make up for my one bad drive with no problem. I am concered about the sound s makes, it is very loud compared to I just purchased the R to replace my R7 Should I be worried about the additional 10 grams, look for an exact duplicate or??? It spins a little too much for me but is excellent for the mph range.


Titleist 905 Driver Review

Found the Titleist to be longer more forgiving but difficult to fade,but hits a powerful slight draw with good amount of roll ,you can hook with this driver if your timing is out. The winner without a doubt is the Cleveland hibore xl tour. I get the similar sound to if i hit is little high and little on the toe.

Trying to sell a group of similar clubs together in a nice set. Even the headcover has been improved. I chose a UST ProForce V2 75 to try to minimize the spin, lower the ball flight, and keep the face open just a tiny bit longer. At first I was slicing it pretty bad.