As you may expect, it can’t play 24bit audio properly on my computer, i just round the audio data to 16bit when i have to work with it. Jack detection FIX 3 Select the driver you want to use. By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies and analytics. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. BTW, the Audio Path tool may help in diagnosing the problem. And does it fix all the hd audio problems.

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As soon as the first is emptied the buffers are switched, and you are called upon to fill the empty one. Half a second may sounds not bad, but i want the latency rexltek than 30ms, meaning about 30Hz around or even higher, close to real world audio chips.

HiHawk New Member Feb 23, This probably applies to any Windows computer using Realtek components. He also tried my code with his on board chip, also a Realtek, it can’t work well, just like mine. It seems that Realtek audio chip has a buggy realetk, isn’t it? The sound is very noisy, i can barely recognize the music from the noise.


If this driver is not installed then the HD formats will be missing from the Supported Formats tab. Try setting up WDM again. I’m having the same issue Sorry for my late reply. Welcome to Kodi Community Forum! You may see something amiss.

It depends on the sound chip. It still doesn’t explain why you have no YouTube sound.

Waiting for the redirectiron

I help keep the forums safe from Viagra and other sources of sketchy pharmaceuticals. From Official Kodi Wiki. Select the device you’ll be using for audio and right click then select Properties.

Not too good for other cases. Maybe their current ones are buggy then.


If Realtek Driver shows again on Device manager, uninstall it. My code failed to work on my own computer with realtek audio chipbut worked fine on my friend’s computer with a XMOS audio device. To Windows 10 must use this in cmd: You may say Realtek chips need word padding, yes, i understand. Easy installation instructions 1 First select the software you want to work with Creative.


Might need rea,tek try some older ones. Realtek works fine on Frodo The WDM driver has a little bit of lag that prevents very short Windows sounds from playing properly, at least on my system, because by the time MC and my receiver have responded to the sound, it is over.

Merely leaving all the effects deselected causes noticeable frequency and phase response problems, which become even clearer when tested.

Is this something that we might see a fix or patch for or should Realek look into getting a sound card? You can see that there is a marked roll-off of the higher frequencies. Johnny New Member Feb 24, This page shows you how to fix bad audio from Realtek drivers on Windows. Any advice would be appreciated.

The videos just freeze when I load Reaktor and will not play.