The film is dirty and the view underexposed. Plustek OpticFilm Film Scanner. This one seems to be quite good for a new cheepish 35mm film scanner. However, the Plustek was shown to require sampling at half the spacing to achieve the same resolution as the Proscan at samples per inch. I also have tested many scanners with the same test slide the German site uses.

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Where i grew up by www. Prior to purchasing a scanner I read reviews of the various contenders and eventually opted for the Refelecta ProScan Hello, Is it planned to support the new Reflecta ProScan in the near future?

The enclosed user’s manual is feflecta for the model and made no mention of the ProScan model whatsoever. Jeff Randall, Jun 25, Christian, Jun 24, Looks like it has admirable resolution, comparable to the Nikon Coolscan Edmond Scientific sells them here in the USA.


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As regards the comments about the noise. On attempting to set this up to produce realistic scans I could appreciate their point.

There have been instances when it has singularly failed to identify 35mm colour slides, but this may be down to operator error! A second opening in the You have to manually insert stacks ofslides into the slide feeder. Edmond Scientific sells them here in the USA.

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Ed Hamrick, Jun 25, JDMvWDec 8, I must bought Nikon Coolscanas I have a lot of 6×6 films, but I also make some comparison of scanning of 35mm films neg. Hi there, Hi Ed! I have not yet received my Stereo Realist ptoscan back from The Darkroom. Even though Vuescan offers rotation and gamma correction I have actually post-processed all images with Photoshop 11 Elements.

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Discussion in ‘Scanners’ started by Christian, Jun 20, Tags reflecta ProScan scanner. Marco Polo Tower by www. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Most of the tips also apply to the DigitDiathe ProScan.


Share This Page Tweet. Looks like the 10M Reflecta unit has slightly better specs Christian, Jun 20, Painting with Light by www. Christian, Jun 25, Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features.

They are not as sharp as the upload. It was undamaged and took a few minutes to assemble. The film is dirty and the view underexposed. Like the Stereo Realist, it would advance the film so that on the exposed reel, the two views would have two other views between them. And I mean it!